All Levels yoga

Great for beginners and advance levels. The classes are powerful learning experiences in which you rediscover your body and learn how it works. All level classes are designed to give you the time and support to understand the proper alignment of yoga asanas and breathing techniques.

You will begin by focusing on the basics, but it won’t stop there. All Level classes are  always exciting because in every class you learn and do something new. Even the most advanced yogi will benefit from this class. Beginner class teachers are experts at helping you master form, understand how to breathe, and help you build confidence in the postures and experience the wonders of Yoga.


Vinyasa is movement.  Flow from pose to pose all linked by the breath. This class is designed to take you to the intermediate level where you will expand on your strength, stamina and flexibility as you master more advanced postures (inversions, backbends) and more demanding sequences. Level 2 classes will help you take your practice to a whole new level while adding power. Some knowledge of yoga poses is required.

Level 2-3 classes presume students are familiar with intermediate yoga postures, yet we always welcome students to try all classes out. Just go at your own pace. In these classes you will use your knowledge of postures and breathing to practice exciting, physically demanding and challenging sequences and variations. The pace of these classes is faster, you will go deeper, and your teacher will help you achieve breakthroughs in your practice and your self-awareness. Expect to generate some good body heat in these classes.


Ancient system of yoga. This will be our Intro to Ashtanga. Ashtanga can transform the practitioner’s body, mind, and soul. We will be teaching the Primary Series which strenghtens and purifies the body through a sequence of poses. According to Shri K Pattabhi Jois, “Ashtanga yoga is for all people- old people, young people, fat people, skinny people-only, not lazy people.” Link your mind and body through breath, postures and gaze. Think Vinyasa, with a little Power.

hot power yoga

Room will be heated to 80-85 degrees. Power yoga is done by doing a series of asanas(poses) while synchronizing one’s breathing patterns to each movement, or by Vinyasa. Experience this fast paced, calorie burning yoga class, designed to detoxify body, mind and soul. Knowledge of asanas is a must to take this advanced (level 2) class.   Be prepared to sweat.( it is best to have a decent yoga practice before taking this class), so this is not for beginners. Bring  a bottle of water.


-flow to restore- enjoy 30-35 min of a slow gentle flow then finish with 20-25 min of restorative poses.  It is the perfect balance! All levels are welcome!

 yin yoga- go deep into stretches and yoga poses, holding up to 5 min a side.  By staying longer in the poses, you allow your musclular fascia to release.  

relax & restore

All levels. Renew and restore your mind, body and spirit. We will use a variety of props which allow you to hold the poses(asanas) for an extended period of time. This allows your body to relax, open and release tension and toxins. This class is a must for all levels!!