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love, peace and yoga

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“What is Yoga? It is impossible to give a precise answer to this simple question, mainly because Yoga is so incredibly comprehensive and encompasses such a tremendous variety of approaches. The word itself means both “union” and “discipline” … thus “a spiritual discipline of integration.” What the tradition of Yoga seeks to integrate is head and heart, as well as psyche and world, on the basis of a profound spiritual realization that transcends head, heart, psyche and world.” -Georg Feurstein

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eric paskel, yoga shelter founder

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Eric Paskel, MA, MFCC, is founder and chief guru of Yoga Shelter, a yoga company he created in 2004. With six studios in Michigan and California, and more opening across the country, Paskel travels the world teaching yoga that rocks and awakens, and classes, lectures, retreats and trainings. Eric has taught tens of thousands of yoga classes and trained hundreds of people to teach yoga. He is a yoga teacher and licensed marriage family child therapist who has helped people get healthy and break addictions for more than 20 years. He is a presenter at yoga conferences, speaking on marketing, social media and relationships, and is the personal guru of many Hollywood celebrities. He began a life of introspection in 1986 when he committed to overcoming his own addictions and challenges. Eric has taught stress management courses for Chrysler Corporation and was the inspiration for Real Men Do Yoga. Eric lives in Los Angeles. Learn more at yogashelter.com.